BIP Talks

October 18, 1:00–4:00PM

Equal parts informative, inspiring and entertaining. A refreshed session presenting a wide range of experts sharing insights from their respective fields in a jam-packed afternoon. Virtual option available. RIBO accredited. Hosted by the Digital Insurance Pint Podcast.

Risky Business: Navigating The Evolving Economics of Insurance

The era of grandpa’s insurance is coming to an end as growth slows, costs rise, consumer needs change and weather patterns get weird. Join well-known economist Armine Yalnizyan, Toronto Star columnist and Atkinson Fellow who specializes in strategies for inclusive economic growth as she discusses handling insurance challenges and taking advantage of the opportunities in the years ahead. 

The Elephant in the Room: Myths and Realities of AI

As a national voice on tech and its impact on the economy, Viet addresses the myths and realities behind AI’s effects on the labour market, the economy and society. Using research evidence through his work at the Dais at Toronto Metropolitan University, he’ll answer the burning questions on everyone’s mind—from what AI is, to what we need to worry about, and what we don’t need to worry about.

To Sell Or Not To Sell: M&A Master Class

The popular kid on today’s M&A block, Herb leverages his expertise in financial modeling, capital management and debt financing to help turn acquisition dreams and deals into reality. Join us for a quick ten on the M&A trends he’s seeing in 2023, how today’s trends differ from 2022 and what’s on deck for 2024.

Options & Opportunities: Breaking Down Ownership Models

Another day, another merger, buyout, joint venture. It’s difficult to keep track of who owns what brokerage anymore. It’s even more difficult to know what direction to take your own. Join our panel discussion on evolving business models as panelists share their observations and insights on the good, the odd and the challenging aspects of their ownership structures and how you can take advantage.

Changing Equations: The Future of Property Insurance in an Evolving Climate

The manifestation of climate change as extreme weather events and the financial implications roll out across Canada is real. But just how rapidly is the risk-reward equation changing? And how can brokers be steps ahead to protect their clients? Get a front row seat to Kathryn’s work informing government, regulators and investors on how to adapt more effectively to a changing climate.

Intersectionality in Insurance: How Systemic Barriers are Affecting Your Recruitment Strategies

Our industry faces a growing talent shortage, so let’s address it head on. What barriers are stopping students from choosing insurance as a career? What are the corporate DEI initiatives that would be most effective and authentic? How can we grow the talent pool by weaving in diversity of all peoples, groups and communities? Our panel shares their insight on a winning recruitment strategy for your brokerage.

Future Coverage: A New Era of Insurance

IBC’s Celyeste Power shares her perspectives on the key forces that will shape our industry in the coming years, and how sharing the value we deliver to consumers and to Ontarians will better position us to weather the challenges.