Broker Workshop

October 19 | 2:30–4:30PM

Join us for an interactive session featuring three mini workshops on human connection, creating positive and effective engagements, and leveraging free tools to improve workflows. Winners of our first ever Broker Hacks Competition will be announced, voted by the audience. Hosted by our friends from the Insurance Podcast.

Maximizing Human Connection in an Era of Virtual Communication

An expert at helping people cut through the obstacles, Misha joins us for an interactive session bringing to light effective approaches to communicating and negotiating when emotions are fraught, stakes are high, or we’re separated by physical distance.

No Swearing Please

It’s not only a difficult economy out there, it’s an environment of increased customer frustration. Learn a new approach to customer interactions that empowers frontline brokers to protect themselves against rude and abusive client behaviour and create positive, effective engagements.

Broker Hacks Competition

A round up of our Broker Hacks, sharing tips and tricks for frontline brokers. Learn how brokers are taking strategic shortcuts to focus on what matters, whether it’s leveraging free tools to improve workflows or sharing different perspectives and approaches to problem solving. Cash prizes for the top three winners, decided by audience vote. 

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