Insure Talks

Wednesday, October 19 | 1:00PM—4:00PM
RIBO Accredited

Hybrid Work - A Simple Approach For Leading a Hybrid Team

The future of work is hybrid, and organizations around the world are figuring out how to best structure and organize their teams. In this session, you’ll learn all about hybrid work models, and best practices for managing hybrid teams. You’ll also learn how to foster collaboration among a partially remote and partially onsite team, and how to lead a fair and inclusive environment for your employees.


Broker Tech Adoption, From a Broker

As consumer expectations of tech usage increase, Brokers are eager to leverage the many technology offerings available but are often unsure where to start. Sam Jazayeri, a fellow Broker, faced this digital crossroads in 2020. He joins the IBAO Convention to share how you can leverage your BMS to adopt effective technology solutions that your brokerage can benefit from immediately.


Dear Brokers, You're More Like Amazon Than You Think

As Brokers continue to operate in an ever – evolving digital landscape, it may seem daunting to even try to compete with direct markets who can offer customers a seemingly fluid online experience. But is this the whole story? Absolutely not. Because convenience is only one part of the puzzle. What the consumer wants is choice.  

Amazon does not sell a product, it gives online shoppers optimized choice for their perspective needs, and they do it better than anyone. How? They use big data.  

In this presentation I will deep dive into how you can use unprecedented amounts of data to inform and transform your strategies so you can sell not just choice, convenience, and optimization, but create an experience that direct writers simply cannot do. 


Human Behaviour Modeling: From COVID to Elections to Consumer Buying Patterns

Erin Kelly, CEO of Advanced Symbolics Inc (ASI), makers of the A.I. Polly™, will introduce the audience to the relatively new science of human behaviour modeling.  Polly has been put to work modeling Covid for the Ontario government, predicting elections and message testing for major brands of Fortune 1000 companies. Erin will walk us through the science of A.I behaviour modeling and what to look out for if you are building similar forecasting systems internally.


How Much is Your Brokerage Worth?

Hear from a Merger and Acquisition Consultant who has legacy experience advising brokers on their M&A journey.  Herb will discuss valuation trends, the “speed dating” process as sellers explore multiple offers, what to look out for and how to maximize your result


Redefining the Customer Experience: Adapting to Change and Adopting New Technology

“High Tech/High Touch” is the strategy Mary Mahoney and her team at Enterprise leverage to maximize results.  Hear from Mary about the inspiration around this way of thinking and how they have redefined the consumer experience, while adapting to ever-changing market and technology trends.


Ontario's Finance Minister Addresses the Brokers

Minister of Finance Peter Bethlenfalvy will address key topics that brokerages need to know about. In this session, the Minister will speak about what the current priorities are for the Ontario Government and how that affects the insurance industry, along with other important details impacting the economy as a whole.