Insurer Townhalls

Thursday, October 20 | 9:00AM—12:00PM

RIBO Accredited

Wawanesa Executive Leader Town Hall

Moderated by Trevor, he will engage the panelists Anna, Anne and Brenda on their areas of focus at Wawanesa. reviewing products, service and innovations. During this session, brokers can expect to get an executive view to Wawanesa’s current state in the operations of commercial insurance, claims, and personal insurance. Both current state and what brokers can expect in the future with Wawanesa. Not only that, but brokers will also have an opportunity to engage with our executive team and ask questions pertaining to their strategic pillars.

Selling Strategies that Lead to Growth

Sanjay Dhebar is the Program Director for the Centre of Sales Excellence at the Schulich School of Business Executive Education, York University. Before he committed to his current role, Sanjay enjoyed an exciting and varied career in the Healthcare and Consumer Packaged Goods Industry as a senior leader for 15 years. Specifically, he mastered expertise in business development as well as marketing and sales leadership while working for national and global companies and their brands. Sanjay coaches and develops senior leaders in organizations including Four Seasons Hotel, Roche, TD Bank, NN Group, Mercedes Benz, Samsung, Teva, Four Seasons, and Sick Kids Foundation. This session will focus on the skills and sales methodology needed to drive account growth at your brokerage.

Get Cyber Prepared—Help Safeguard Against Common Threats

Cyber-attacks are becoming more sophisticated and harder to spot, while impacting millions globally. Learn from a group of experts on how to better protect you, your brokerage, and customers, including real strategies against common attacks to help safeguard against loss.

Bigger, Bolder, Better—In Conversation with Kardinal Offishall

Join Gore Mutual as we sit down with rapper, producer, and Vice President of A&R at Universal Canada, Kardinal Offishall. This exclusive conversation will be about redefining yourself, perseverance and how to view the corporate structure through your own unique lens.
Over the course of his career Kardinall Offishall, once referred to “the best-kept secret in Canadian hip hop” has become a staple in the international music scene & the decision to diversify his portfolio, by adding executive to the already proven titles was done without hesitation. He used his global respect in the music industry as the catalyst to evolve his career, as well as to now mentor other artists on what it takes to be bigger, bolder and better.

Dance of the Rainmaker—Creating Authentic Differentiation in Today’s Competitive Marketplace

In business, Rainmakers are the rare breed who bring in new business and win accounts with almost magical ease, generating substantial new business from markets that might seem to others to be too challenging. Rainmakers see opportunity where others see only defeat. And it’s no surprise that Rainmakers are the most highly sought after sales professionals in every industry.
Michael will focus the talk on what a rainmaker is, how to become a rainmaker, how to attract rainmakers to their team, and finally how to achieve greater success in their sales career and their life. Brokers will leave the session with a host of actionable tactics to apply in their brokerages when they are back in the office

Creating Behaviour Change to Transform Your Future

When we think about the future and all the things we want to accomplish it seems like a daunting and impossible mountain to climb, creating healthy habits that are attainable can help us be consistent and successful in everything we do. In this session we will talk about behavior change, habits, and continuous improvement and how this can transform your future.

MGAs as Options & Solutions for Brokers

CAMGA Townhall will provide an overview of the MGA sector in Canada, what are MGAs, how they provide value to brokers, why are MGAs growing as more common markets for brokers, how they differentiate from carriers as markets. The Townhall will also introduce to brokers the MGA Platform “Bridge” and how brings the broker-MGA experience into the 21st century.
What is an MGA? How are they more valuable to brokers than carriers? What rules do MGAs abide by? What are the trends within the delegated underwriting marketplace?

Solutions for Specialty Risks Powered Outside-of-the-box Underwriting and Loss Prevention

The purpose of this panel discussion is to talk about how Echelon and other Specialty providers can meet the needs of an underserved market by taking an out-of-the-box approach to underwriting and a proactive approach to loss prevention. We see our business this as a three-way partnership between the insurer, the Broker, and the insured. All three parties need to be equally engaged and commitment to finding solutions as well as proactive risk mitigation for the strategy to be successful.